What IS it about butterflies?

There is so much written about butterflies.  I wasn’t aware of the shared fascination with butterflies especially in the world of art.  For me it was truly simple.  They are beautiful, flirty, light, and represent the kind of transformation we all want to experience!  As my love for art began to grow I realized how often the exquisite butterfly appeared.  As I began my own artistic journey I found time and time again, I was drawn to butterflies that I could use in my work….ceramic butterflies, metal, junky, beautiful, jewelry pieces, etc.  As a buyer of art, I find time and time again that I’m drawn to work that includes these fragile yet strong little creatures!

I asked my new friend Julia Gabrielov about her affinity for butterflies and this is what she told me:

“My art is about personifying certain aspects of nature in lovely ways with beautiful women as my muse.  I always try to incorporate various creatures to show an incomparable connection between people and nature.  These connections are about friendship and harmony and the belief that we can not only coexist but can thrive together.

For me, butterflies represent the purest and loveliest form of life.  They are naturally fearful and skittish and would generally not be drawn to people.  So I add them to my artwork by the dozens to further embody that powerful unbreakable bond.  I believe in this bond more than anything else.”

Well, Julia, I’m not sure I could have said this any better!  This is certainly a big part of what draws me to use not only butterflies, but all kinds of critters.  You will see dragonflies, frogs, fish, bees and more “coexisting” in my art.  They make me feel happy as they dance among the many flowers I love to incorporate, dimension and a flirty element to my mosaic art and that just makes me feel joyful.  They remind me to lighten up and drink in all the joy that is at my disposal.  They remind me of the beauty in transformation!  I strongly believe that if we stop evolving and transforming we will find ourselves stagnant in a world full of opportunity.

Here you will see one of my butterflies (currently at Mosaic Love Gallery in TN) and some examples of some inspiring paintings and some of my mosaic pieces as well as just images that inspire me. 

I hope you enjoy!

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