About The Artist

After a medical incident left me legally blind, I was forced to give up my career in commercial real estate. This left me in search of something that would bring the same sense of accomplishment that my career had provided for me. I made a decoupage guitar for a friend and then decided to move onto mosaics. I found it extremely challenging and fulfilling. After meeting a well-known artist, I began to find my voice through a mixed media format called pique assiette. In this style of mosaic, the artist incorporates pieces of broken ceramics – plates, dishes, cups, tiles – and other objects like jewelry, seashells, and fused glass into the design. The appeal and expressiveness of pique assiette lies in the ideas of lateral thinking, humor, recycling and the significance of the other objects.

I reside in Houston, Texas where my guide dog joins me in my garage studio while I work. I have found tranquility and expression through mosaic art and I hope you find my mosaic vision to be inviting and inspirational.

My Mosaic Story

My Mosaic Vision began with decoupage. 

Yes, I decided to decoupage a guitar which led me to try my hand at mosaics. My first two projects were guitars and though I had no idea what I was doing and no clue what the “rules” were, I dove right in. 

Boy did I have FUN with these!

I have found that garden and nature themed projects are soothing and meditative to create.  I find these pieces personally transformative which is why I quite often incorporate butterflies. 

Butterflies remind me that I’m ever evolving particularly on my mosaic journey.

I was fortunate to meet Susan Wechsler online and soon came to understand that she would be the mentor along my journey.  She encouraged me to attend a dress workshop at the amazing Hacienda Mosaico in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  She understood that I would find this spiritual retreat for artists to be very beneficial.  She was so right!

I made this dress on my first visit to Mexico with Susan’s Mosaic Divas.  It now belongs to an avid art collector.

Podcast Appearances

Helaine was interviewed by Sean Dillon on the Beyond The Mic podcast. You can listen to the episode below.