Ahhhhhh… Mexico!

Mexico and the Mexican culture have ALWAYS been near and dear to my heart.  I love the people, the beauty of the country and the fabulous folk art.  My home is “Mexico inspired” in terms of décor.  I have been fortunate enough to travel to many of Mexico’s fabulous cities.

In my quest to learn the art of mosaics, Susan Wechsler introduced me to Hacienda Mosaico.  In looking back, it seems  only fitting that this magical place for artists to relax and create would be part of the beginning of my journey.  It is a paradise full of natural beauty and mosaic art EVERYWHERE!!!  It is quaint (like a bed and breakfast) with a fabulous outdoor workshop/studio.  Artists are free to create in the studio space 24 hours/day.  The workshops have only eight students and in the week spent there, a real sisterhood of like-minded people develops.  With access to social media, we are all able to stay in touch, follow one another’s artistic journey and can continue to inspire each other.

I also love to travel to Mexico on other journeys besides the retreat and recently returned from Cerritos.  Each time I visit, I feel I arrive with fresh eyes and new perspectives on art and what inspires me.  Mexico is warm, colorful, peaceful and only a two hour plane ride from my home in Texas!!  Lucky luck me!

Here I want to share some photos!

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