My Mosaic Vision

About The Artist - Meet Helaine Abramson -

After a medical incident left me legally blind, I was forced to give up my career in commercial real estate. This left me in search of something that would bring the same sense of accomplishment that my career had provided for me. I made a decoupage guitar for a friend and then decided to move onto mosaics. I found it extremely challenging and fulfilling. After meeting a well-known artist, I began to find my voice through a mixed media format called pique assiette. In this style of mosaic, the artist incorporates pieces of broken ceramics – plates, dishes, cups, tiles – and other objects like jewelry, seashells, and fused glass into the design. The appeal and expressiveness of pique assiette lies in the ideas of lateral thinking, humor, recycling and the significance of the other objects.

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If you are interested in purchasing any of the mosaic pieces displayed in my gallery, have a request for a commission or would like to know where my art is currently on display, please contact me or visit my facebook page.